welcome to my ebookStore

3 types of cheesecake crusts, 3 types of cheesecake fillings, sweet, savory, baked and unbaked:  Cheesecakes by Hector Wong, an iTunes store exclusive, for iPad only.  Sold in the U.S. and in 51 countries worldwide.  Click here to read my book review by the Honolulu Star Advertiser.  Click here for my book party review by Sugar and Shake.  Rose Levy Beranbaum says: “The inimitable Hector Wong has combined five of his exceptional skills: IT, photography, Spanish translation, and cake baking and cake decorating, to produce his first cookbook: Cheesecakes.”


browse thru this site for the inspiration behind my recipes. become a fan of www.facebook.com/myyellowkitchenCheesecakes_Page_01Cheesecakes (1)_Page_02Cheesecakes preview_Page_03Cheesecakes (1)_Page_16Cheesecakes (1)_Page_17Cheesecakes (1)_Page_18Cheesecakes (1)_Page_19

2 thoughts on “welcome to my ebookStore

  1. Hi Hector! I wanted to purchase your ebook but apparently it is not available in the Phil? Whats up with that? Is there some way I can still purchase it?

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