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this cake is the ultimate gift to ‘support your local dairy’ from ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Gateau Breton (page 69).

GO LOCAL, GO GREEN, GO GATEAU BRETON. my friend kathy browsed thru her book looking for something to bake for thanksgiving. from apple upside down, to le succes, to true orange, to lemon meringue, we decided on the Gateau Breton. kathy loves masterful pastry, eating it more than making it, so this recipe appeals as astonishing simple to bake and astonishing pastryful.

months ago, Rose said the most buttery cake on the book is the Gateau Breton, so i noted to make it into something specially spectacular, a la hector’s take! oh how? how can you make a take with a cake made with just butter, flour, yolks, and sugar? there are also almonds but explained as texture more than flavor.  there aren’t any frostings nor decorations, except baking it on a pretty tart pan, gobel brand or not, this take seems boring!

everything changed today, when my cowgirl friends from my local Naked Cow Dairy offered to showcase freshly churned high fat butter. Naked Cow Dairy are naked cows living in hawaii, whom enjoy the sunny pastures more than hormones.

i am also planning for fresh mac nuts and maui turbinado sugar. for fresh eggs: i will chase some hens.

stay tuned…

yesterday, i went to my downtown farmers market to meet Monique from Naked Cow Dairy.  i think most everyone that saw me carrying 4 half lb tubs of butter to my car frowned in despair.  more so, because to save on shopping bags, i just carried the tubs with my naked hands.

i love doing this (doing the catwalk while carrying lots of butter).  fortunately i am not overweight (i could be), so butter isn’t the culprit!  the culprit may very well be (1) the serving size you eat and (2) all the non-digestible or modified food.

here is Luca’s reaction while reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan:  ” I am loving the book I am reading about food.  Things like: People have been eating the Italian diet, the French diet, the Chinese diet… and they are all quite happy and healthy.  Some eat meat, some cheese, some plants, some pasta, some rice.. the human body can work with any diet and still be healthy.  With one big exception: the American diet. The human body cannot survive on the American diet for a simple reason: it’s NOT made of real food.  Processed meats, refined added sugars, power bars, hormones, chemicals, preservatives, petrol-based fats, meat and fruit extracts.  Americans don’t know anything about pasta, rice, fruit, meat, cheese… but they know everything about carbs, vitamins, proteins, omega-3, trans-fats.  Interesting: a nation obsessed with nutritional information, is obese and fat. The rest of the world, happily splurging on wine and cheese, is healthy.  This is called “THE FRENCH PARADOX”. But it’s not a paradox at all. Especially to the French, who will tell you that the more you enjoy high quality genuine food, the longer you live! ”

i always tell people:  eat sugar because you can digest it.  don’t eat a sugar substitute because although it doesn’t have calories, your body doesn’t digest it… it is like eating and running plastic thru your intestines.  the same goes with butter and all other fats vs fats wanna be.  i had Monique agree on my take.

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    • dear b barbara, i ended up not having to chase the hens for this cake, but i did have to chase for the butter. was a little complicated to pick up the fresh butter from the Naked Cow Dairy, at their booth they had at my neighborhood’s farmer’s market. story untold!

      the cake is done, taken, and extraordinarily well loved, you must make one.

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