Barcelona 01 Brownies (page 367) – making ganache

introducing my youtube guests for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Barcelona Brownies (page 367).

i become to realize my english and speech isn’t near clear nor perfect, but i hope my takes make up the lack! this episode -making ganache- is appetizing, educational, and charming.  you can tell i thoroughly enjoyed the company.  i demystify ganache, and i hope children and parents alike speak ganache language to everyone they know!  ganache is the chocolate frosting to ask for.

tips for success:

1- to prevent chocolate from loosing its temper (or ability to become solid again), stop the heat source prior the chocolate been completely melted.  let the residual heat of the melted chocolate and the residual heat of the bowl finish melting the chocolate.

2- the microwave is my preferred method to melt chocolate, but you need stop the microwave every 15 seconds and stir.  when you see what i call “action” (things start to melt), reduce to every 10 seconds.  ultimately, when most of the chocolate seems melted, i reduce to every 5 seconds!  this sounds like slavery, but here is my tip:  you don’t need to stir right away, walk away from the microwave, go do something else, when the microwave stops you can let it sit for minutes (or hours indeed):  you stir prior starting the microwave again.

3- the preferred bowl to melt chocolate is silicone, because silicone retains very little heat and cools immediately, thus preventing over melting the chocolate.  HOWEVER, i prefer a glass bowl, because, first it is easier to wash, and second, since glass retains heat, i use this to my advantage:  when 75% of the chocolate is melted, i completely stop the heating, and just let the chocolate sit, stirring occasionally; the residual heat of the glass bowl will complete the melting.

4- by now, i hope you have purchased a scale, like the wonderful digital scale that you see me use.  electronics are very affordable nowadays.

5- by now two, i hope you own some sort of instant read thermometer, like the cream of the crop yellow one i have which reads in 3 seconds, or less expensive models just as accurate but a tad slower which read in about 8 seconds.  electronics are very affordable nowadays two!

bringing these little Barcelona Brownies shells and slices of Genoise Rose to my post thanksgiving party

4 thoughts on “Barcelona 01 Brownies (page 367) – making ganache

    • Thx sorceress. All my youtubes are life and unrehearsed. I believe on this day, we did microwave the chocolate past ideal. I like to micro with the glass bowl only till a point when the glass gets warm and the chocolate is not yet fully melted. but only enough so when the chocolate is fully melted the glass is no longer warm! Glass takes a long time to cool, so is this residual heat that melts the chocolate till fully. I don’t know how to explain this better -)

      I do this over induction too, with the same principle, the fully melted chocolate should happen when the pot is no longer warm. On the waring use the minimum power for this and for heating eggs.

  1. Aloha – I was just looking around your blogs and realized I had not responded to this one. And, that it was pre-induction acquisition! Now I have a new tip for use of it with melting chocolate! Thx – ‘apprentice’

    • Oh, on this take I love the microwave with a glass bowl, contant stirring, constant pausing with 15 second microwave zaps, but only till half of the chocolate is melted…. Let the heated glsss bowl finish it!

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