Gateau 02 Breton (page 69) – dreamed

we have just made ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Gateau Breton (page 69), using high quality made-in-Hawaii fresh butter by Naked Cow Dairy, organic eggs, maui turbinado sugar, and ground mac nuts instead of almonds.  superb, superb, super, when simple things in life are best, please make Gateau Breton:

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from Kathy:  “I did serve it alone and Jeri and Tami loved it!  They thought it was such a treat because you can’t find that at any bakery here.”  kathy asked me if this cake was too simple and if ice cream would be a good serving suggestion.  i answered loudly NO and to enjoy this gateau naked as it is the main characteristic.  ice cream makes your tongue cold, this gateau is to be eaten warm or at room temperature, a cold tongue hides many flavors.

from Craig DS:  “looks are simple, yet taste is very elegant, the dark rum shows as the ending.”

from Craig S:  “yum, i want a big slice”

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    • julie, we must had pressed too hard the tines of the fork, because the grid pattern is supposed to disappear when baking. what a great accidental take and i love it too! you must try this cake, you will love it, it is elegantly simple and elegantly exquisite, no decoration needed!

  1. H – I am baking this gateau and want to use Turbinado and mac nuts for the recipe in RHC. Would the measurements differ for the sugar and the nuts? thx j

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