Grand 01 Marnier Wedding Cake (page 403) – the last word

the best part of baking your own cakes is to save a slice in frozen vacuum and enjoy it 3 months later.  here is the last bite of ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Grand Marnier Wedding Cake (page 403), which is renamed as Les Perles on my cake catalog.

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here is one more picture and reason for also naming this cake A Slice of Heaven.  this is a wedge of the first orange tree planted in Hawaii and perhaps in the USA, circa 200 years ago.

2 thoughts on “Grand 01 Marnier Wedding Cake (page 403) – the last word

  1. It looks beautiful even after a long stay in the freezer! I need a vacuum packer- it seems like you use yours all the time…. I am impressed at how little you waste.

    • R, thx. i could not live without my foodsaver and my constant -20oF chest freezer (without automatic defrost cycle). it makes a 5x difference for frozen cakes and ingredients. even ice cream, i can keep for a very long time this way.

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