Genoise 02 Rose (page 169) – preparing pans – zero out scale – heating eggs with induction

this is the first youtube segment about ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Genoise Rose (page 169). my guests can tell you all about how to spray the pans, zero out the scale, and using induction to heat eggs!

we made a 2x recipe, one to make the Genoise Rose, and the second to make the Red Fruit Shortcake.

pay attention to the questions about what is superfine sugar and how to make it.

my most proud contribution is using my induction stove to heat the eggs in the most efficient method i know of.  i find this method much more convenient (safer, faster, and mess free) than working over a pot of simmering water.  this works perfectly with the 6 qt bowl of my stand mixer, which is magnetic and which doesn’t have a bottom foot so the bowl sits directly on the induction stove.

having an fast reading and accurate digital thermometer is the best method to determine temperature, as you can see the high moment on this video happens when the temperature registers as 110oF.  i am very satisfied with mines and the company who makes it, for which now i am considering replacing ALL my thermometers to this brand, including my quick read tips on a rope, my fridge/freezer remote, my oven probe, and my pocket infrared.

7 thoughts on “Genoise 02 Rose (page 169) – preparing pans – zero out scale – heating eggs with induction

  1. Oh Hector! I am running right out to get a thermapen! And looove your idea of the induction stove also. I know that is going to be a wonderful method to take all the stress and strain of the hot water worries. Do you have one that you find particularly choice? Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas with us. You make easy the things that as a novice I struggle with. Then I go about feeling proud when something turns out well. Between Rose and you, I just might to be able to bake someday in the offing!

  2. Hi Hector – I got my thermapen ordered, and was happy to see that you posted the link to your induction stove. Actually I had looked at the Waring and hoped it might be the one since it is not too overwhelming in price. Thanks for remembering to post the link.

    • u r very welcome! i have 2 of the waring ones, for near 2 years, no problem at all. just be careful when using it if you do like me placing it on top of your ceran electric stove if you have one: don’t place the waring too close to the oven exhaust which is normally on the back panel of your stove, because the heat from the exhaust will melt your waring, as one made a dent on mines!

      • Thanks so very much for sharing all your wisdom. I, for one, have learned many things from you that I never mentioned. Genoise being one. My favorite cakes are very light so that is what I want to get best at. Just want you you to know that your wisdom is, in my opinion, beyond your years. I think brilliant might be appropriate. You sparkle.
        Now, I am tempted by the Bosch. Anything to help get those cakes light. I am getting better at folding with the Prince, and your YouTubes are great. Have you used it yet? Expensive addition to Artisan, but wow time saver to have both!

      • my DEAR! you have put together the best words my ears have earned. haven’t used the Bosch for genoise on my yellow kitchen yet, but i have seen it done with great success. i can assure you, if you have the opportunity, get this machine. it is a great addition to the Artisan. happy baking.

        p.s. so glad you are find success with genoise!

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