Genoise 03 Rose (page 169) – sugar and glutten free

i am a firm believer that sugar is not the worse thing for diabetics and that gluten free should be sold only to celiacs!.  this take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Genoise Rose (page 169) qualifies for both.  for me, it was more of a physics and chemistry experiment;  when you lack sugar and gluten, you understand cake’s biggest components:  texture and structure.

here is my take with splenda granulated (replaced by volume for sugar) and with all corn starch (replaced by weight for flour).

because splenda contributes ZERO volume (and texture), i added 1 cup of finely ground raw macadamia nuts from my friends at Kona Pacific Farmers Cooperative; they also produce the best peaberry coffee i have tasted and can hardly wait to use theirs when making the Tiramisu cake for my take.

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i made a 1.5x batch, and filled the rose pan near full or 1/4-inch from the top rim.  sugar free sponge cakes shrink considerably during cooling.

actually, 1.23x recipe is the exact amount, but that becomes difficult mathematics, so instead i prefer to make a 1.5x and use the extra batter for little cupcakes.  my preferred cupcake shape is the mini financier, it just comes out always nice, crisp and fits in your mouth nicely.

to make this cake tastier, i doubled the amount of butter (clarified, beurre noisette), this is allowed as Cake Bible has a recipe of rich genoise by simplily doubling the amount of butter.

so what do you expect for a sugarless genoise, with double the amount of butter, mac nut flour, and a crisp all-corn-starch crust? it was delicious and light like a butter cake, the mac nuts brings up the lack of sugar and texture, and no syrup is required.  enjoy:

this take is perhaps as good as sugar free and gluten free cake gets.  now, if you want it nut free, i will serve you a glass of water instead!

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