Command Hook it!!! a fabulous product from 3M

as you know, i moved to this tiny apartment in August 2008, but tiny is good because now everything is within arms reach and on sight!  i haven’t done any mayor construction yet, on the plan is to resurface my concrete floors (it is bare concrete now), repaint the walls yellow, and change the kitchen cabinets.  there is no sofa, no tv, and no big beds.  but there is lots of shelving, mixers, and refrigerators!

for now, i am using the old original owner kitchen cabinets.  i think before rushing to replace them, i should first have a feel how i actually use the space.  i have command hooked the back of all the cabinets doors!  when i need to find something, all i need is open the cabinet doors.  all my tools and gadgets are easy reach.  here you go, the beginning of the new MY YELLOW KITCHEN, tell me how many things you see here, for example:  see if you can spot my newest My Weigh pocket scale:

music  soundtrack:  apple iphoto ‘09 theme music, ken burns

8 thoughts on “Command Hook it!!! a fabulous product from 3M

    • es obio Ceci que me adoras! gracias. me gustaria tener counters de marmol y cabinetes de caoba, algun dia. por el momento disen`ar muy bien el espacio y me encanta que por ser una cocina pequen~ita, todo esta al alcanze de mis manos. literalmente!

  1. Hector – you have Command Hooks I’ve never seen before. I love the way you have organized your kitchen tools. I should give these a try in my baking center… I don’t have enough drawer space for all my measuring cups and spoons, funnels, whisks, sieves, etc, etc, etc.

    Nice job!

    • Patrincia, I have zero tool drawers, instead it is all hanging and individually. Much easier than shuffling thru a ring of measuring cups, spoons, etc. Even my rolling pins are commanded!

  2. I’m standing in the middle of the tiny rectangle I call kitchen, and my husband catches me – Omg he says, ‘you’ve got ‘that look.’ That means he won’t be surprised when he walks in again and finds implements and everything else attached onto cabinets and walls. Hee hee.

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