Red 02 Fruit Shortcake (page 193) – Ceci’s take

this is Ceci’s take from my take, and in my opinion this is when delicious can’t be described with one word!  enjoy ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Red Fruit Shortcake (page 193), take with yellow fruit from Colombia.

Ceci notes that papayas in Colombia are the red variety, yum!  here you have:  yellow pineapple, orange passion fruit, and red papaya.  as my take, these fruits are presented as little jello pieces.

8 thoughts on “Red 02 Fruit Shortcake (page 193) – Ceci’s take

  1. ceci says:

    Rose´s Heavenly Cakes + Hector’s Take + una amiga que los quiere a ambos= Stunning Cakes! 😉

    Y amigos del mundo, no dejen de hacer esta receta, es absolutamente deliciosa!!!

    • Yo pienso, these are what jello was meant to be. All 100 percent fruit, 100 percent natural, and no food coloring!

      You know what is also awesome, squeeze some grapes with a cheesecloth or run them a few seconds on the blender with just a little bit of water to get started, then strain. then add a couple drops of lemon juice. Thicken with gelatin. And voila! I love natural grape juice jello, it is very smooth and delicate. makes a fantastic new year party dessert on a ring mold!

  2. ceci says:

    Sorry Julie I was confused, Actually I used the Whipped Cream recipe in RHC page 195. Is a variation of the Whipped Creme Fraiche that Rose suggest for the Red Fruit ShortCake.

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