Dazzling 01 Lemon and Orange Peel Roses (page432) – dazzled at midnight

on the eve of thanksgiving, my sister and family decided to stay awake overnight till the malls would open early friday.  i was called at midnight for a baking class.  here we are, sleepy at ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Dazzling Lemon and Orange Peel Roses (page 432).

it was hilarious, starting with the magical landing of a grocery shopping bag for promotion, together with a bag of lemons.  then everyone trying to wash lemons at the same time over a tiny kitchen sink.  my students definitely became awake when i had the paring knife on hand!  my niece and her lovely cousins made a great team, and my nephew behaved well as usual.

below, picture of other versions.

mango roses:

apple roses:

tomato roses:

and the ubiquitous, lemon and orange peel roses with the golden dream wedding cake:

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