Fruitcake 01 Wreath (page 79) – preparing the fruit

the boat that brings supplies to the island of hawaii hasn’t sunk or anything like that.  it brings all essential goods like rice, toilet paper, apples, walnuts, almonds, wheat flour, baking pans, cars, refrigerators, people, etc.  for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Fruitcake Wreath (page 79), the recipe starts by recommending the use of high quality candied fruit from France which taste great!

i am a firm believer that fruitcake is made fun because the market is flooded with junk candied fruit.  i ought you bring some from France. . .  or find better!  when i made some orange peel roses from an eclectic selection of Hawaii grown citrus trees, i re-coated these in syrup over a dozen times for a period of 3 months, and now they are soaking on dark rum.  I BELIEVE, this will be to my liking!

now, instead of pecans and walnuts, and i almost sound like an environmentalist politician, i will use jewel quality mac nuts which i expect to show as picture perfect on the wreath.  i am going local.  (not lo-cal)

addition:  with the spirit of the (going green) holidays, my signature gift wrapping style for this year:

and my new yellow mixer under a sunny day in december:

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    • Agreed, on these days where food market research has found that “no or low” is the most important word people choose to buy, I am urging for the opposite! We need to judge food by yes, what is in it, than by no, whast isn’t in it. The other day, I was going thru the isles of a well known grocer, and they had NO signs all over! No sugar, no gluten, no gmo, no this, no that, there was even a no sugar no dairy no fat ice cream! Air is healthier in my opinion!

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