Classic 02 Carrot Cake (page 122) – cinnamon and my myweigh mx-500 electronic scale

when making a 4x recipe of ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Classic Carrot Cake (page 122), you need 8 tsp of cinnamon.  what do you think will happen if instead of 8, you use 9?  i don’t think there is such thing as a cinnamon cake!

maybe i can’t count, but for a fact, when measuring anything more than 3 tsps, i forget the count!  NOT ANYMORE.  in a small bowl, i add the tsps as i measure the incrementing weigh with my MyWeigh MX-500 pocket scale.

this is what i voiced aloud when measuring 8 tsps of cinnamon:  1 tsp is 2.3 gr, 2 tsp is 4.6, 3 tsp is 6.9, 4 tsp is….. and so on…..7 tsp is 16.1…. and 8 tsp is 18.4… don’t you think this gives you 100% assurance?

moreover, i needed to measure 8 tsps again for a second batch, but seemed that i was running low of cinnamon.  so i weighed what i had left, 13 grams, then right away i knew i wouldn’t have enough to even start counting.

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