Chocolate 01 Ice Cream Cake or Sandwich (page 142) – micro ice cream maker

everyone loves ice cream, and true to truth, ALL ice creams are delicious:  who will refuse something cold, something sweet, and something smooth?  i have just found the original frozen canister ice cream maker, but i will need to buy 3 more of these, to make ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate Ice Cream Cake or Sandwich (page 142).

to know what goes into ice cream science, give yourself a couple of years, a few trips overseas, and about 5 different ice cream machines.  cute like a button, and better tasting than any half-pint store-bought ice cream, this HALF-PINT ice cream maker makes only half-pint!

donvier brand, original made in Japan, yellow trim!  the good part of being small, is that the ice cream freezes with minimal time and aeration:  part of ice cream science is fast freezing with direct contact with a frozen surface and as little air incorporation as possible!

i found this picture on the internet.  my little donvier is SMALL.  isn’t it amazing that thru the years, we want things larger and larger?  America has gotten fat!

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