Fruitcake 02 Wreath (page 79) – how to apply syrup on a butter cake

a brush or a squirt bottle?  which tool is best when applying syrup on a BUTTER CAKE?  after several months of research, i am ready to share these findings with you.  when applying syrup on a butter cake, like ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Fruitcake Wreath (page 79), you must use a brush.

FOR SPONGE CAKES, like a genoise or biscuit, a squirt bottle works best.  sponge cakes have an open foam structure, absorbing syrup rapidly and evenly as it shoots down from the squirt bottle.

on the contrary, BUTTER CAKES cakes have a tight and impermeable structure, with a squirt bottle the syrup drips over or puddles, making pockets of wet pastiness.  for butter cakes, a brush is best because the syrup is distributed gentler.

ok, that is no bachelors in science or master’s degree thesis, but for sure, the following youtube video is worth a doctorate!  i really want you all to use this great technique somehow i invented or at least are the first person in my circle that reports it.  this is the most rapid, efficient, and uniform way i know of, to apply syrup with a brush, on anything!

p.s.  i am so sorry that the video shows mostly my arm.


6 thoughts on “Fruitcake 02 Wreath (page 79) – how to apply syrup on a butter cake

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      los syrups hay que ponerlos a veces calientes, a veces frios, depende. el de chocolate del deep passion tiene que estar caliente. para un genoise o biscuit, frio esta ok.

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      Unbleached gives you more strenght since this is a dense cake and loaded with nuts and fruits. With bleached, the cake can fall appart or be too crumbly to hold all the nuts.

  1. ceci says:

    Aqui consigo una harina llamada “Integral” y significa que tiene la “fibra” del grano de trigo. El color no es tan blanca sino como beige. Será que es la misma harina unbleached????

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