Classic 03 Carrot Cake (page 122) – which grater is best

we had 10 lbs of carrots to shred, we had 7 graters to test.  we baked ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Classic Carrot Cake (page 122), calling for coarsely shredded carrots.

for carrot cake, we LOVED the coarse or extra coarse graters.  for fresh carrot salad, we loved the ribbon grater with its extraordinary and time saving bi-directional blades.  the ribbon model also makes beautiful chocolate shavings to top cappuccinos!

here is a closeup of the beautiful shredded carrots when baked on the cake:

mi niece helped style the cake.  we placed a single layer of jewel quality mac nuts on the bottom of a 7″ round pan, prior to adding the cake batter.  then, after the cake was baked and unmolded, we quickly plucked up the mac nuts.  we followed the recipe as written, except using mac nut oil instead of safflower or canola, and…. making a 4x batch which filled the 6qt ka mixer to the very top rim (my sister and i felt utterly most proud, she is an architect working for civil engineers, together with my baking-to-the-0.01-gram objection, we spent a few days going back and forth computing the exact amounts of cake we needed for her holiday gift bake).  the lbs of carrots were mixed by hand on what i call a baby wash tub (i think my mother used this to bathe me).  enjoy these progress pictures, i find rewarding watching how knowledge is transferred between a teacher and a student and viceversa, baking alone is no longer fun!  (my sister was the dishwasher and also enjoyed reading the sunday newspaper)

my sister just informed me that she needs to make 10 more large loafs, but now we will use my new BOSCH Universal Kitchen Machine.  here is a preview of this jewel piece of machinery, popular in Europe for many decades.  i ran a test batch of bread dough to determine the power levels.  the picture doesn’t give proper judgment to how beautiful this machine is, as i was told that its provocative curved lines were designed by porshe.

soundtrack:  apple iphoto ‘09 theme music, ken burns

12 thoughts on “Classic 03 Carrot Cake (page 122) – which grater is best

  1. Hector – Now I am purchasing [gag] the Universal Bosch MUM4435JP (Jaguar) mixer. I note that it has plastic bowl and so I think I should order the stainless to use on my induction stove, and bec I liked having two bowls with my KA. I see it uses, and includes, 2 wire whips for egg whites, etc. But it doesn’t seem to include a flat batter paddle like KA-which I replaced with my BB. However, I see available two cookie paddles, and I also see two batter whips. I don’t make cookies – I do make batter? Could you help me out with which items, accessories, you consider the necessities. This is very costly for me, so I just don’t want to get the wrong things.
    Thanks, as always, joan

    • J, i haven’t purchased a second bowl for any of my mixers, instead, i use the second mixer itself (ie. one mixer is beating whites while the second mixer is beating yolks). saves time and makes good use if you own a second mixer. when i am making pasta, it is also great, one mixer is rolling the sheets while the other is cutting!

      i am unfamiliar with the Bosch Jaguar, is it the same as the one i have? i don’t the cookie paddles, seems that i am doing ok with just what the mixer came with. too early to tell. i haven’t gotten a definite conversion yet from BOSCH, as to what will emulate a flat beater.

      i look forward to use the whisk and the dough hook, also the blender, and perhaps a grain mill, too. it is an wonderful machine.

  2. What a riot, I said Jaguar to the salesperson who corrected me to Porsche. I said, oh well, maybe my friend will think I am quick-witted and funny like he is.
    Wow, the idea of using two machines is great tip, and the bowl is $70 or so-forget that. The wire whips for batter are only 12.00 so think I will just get them. I am so excited.
    Thanks, as always, and Mele Kalikimaka!!!

    • yes, the one i have came out in 2007 and Porsche put a hand on its design! as far as i know, right now there is only one BOSCH Universal Kitchen Machine or the Plus model which is exactly the same but with the blender attachment included.

      aloha back to you!

  3. Hi Hector -Well my KA 5 Pro, Empire red (yum) arrived today. I put a magnet to the bowl bottom and it didn’t stick at all. Also, there is a large ‘dimple’ on the bottom that I thought might cause trouble. I was sorely disappointed, and decided to just go for it and hope the stove wouldn’t blow up – Surprisingly it heated the 2 cups of water I had put into the bowl, very quickly–about the 7 sec I had heard it would. I presume that it is okay with the bowl, even with dimple. I question, therefore, why do they say the machine won’t work unless a magnet sticks to the cookware. What do you think? Something to do with %alloy in the ss? I hope I am not causing some horrible reaction by persisting in using the bowl on the Waring. I know that you have the same Waring, and the same 5 Pro (I think). Does your bowl have a dimple on the bottom that would cause less contact? Does a magnet stick to your bowl? Sorry for all the questions. I will turn it back if not right for my purposes. Thanks, as always.

    • I’ve just checked and I have the exact same situation. I would just go by empirics and if the water heated, or the waring didn’t turn itself off, then we are ok. The bowl itself is magnetic, but not the foot. Maybe the amount of iron on the foot is suficient for our purposes but not for higher temperatures. I would try heating whole eggs like for the chocolate oblivion, usually power 1 is all u need from the waring, see if you get the 3 to 4 x volume. And do report back. I am pretty I did so.

  4. Hi – my kitchen floor all torn up from 4 layers of mold we discovered, and also getting new butcher-block counter. So, not even allowed in the kitchen. I hope the floor will be going in tomorrow but it has been raining and the leveling solution has not been able to dry. So. I have ordered the diffusing disk for the Waring so that will be fun. I’ll let you know.

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