Designer 05 Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303) – filling the cupcake liners

we made 2x recipes of ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Designer Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303).  filling the cupcake liners with batter took 6 pairs of hands and 20 minutes!  with the magic of television, we have this moment summarized in a little over 1 minute.  it really felt like making 2 dozen cakes, you can ask my dog about it as she slept thou the whole process, only to wake up at the very last 6 seconds!

these cupcakes are exceptionally lucsious.  the finest chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting for a very special ocassion.  quite simple to make, and i highly recommend you make the ganache syrup and the lacquer glaze in advance which keeps in the freezer for months.

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