Classic 07 Carrot Cake with Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting (page 122) – wreath take!

december 26th and it is never too late looking for the ultimate gift for someone special or for yourself!  for the chef who has every tool or gadget, there probably is one thing he/she may still wish for:  the BOSCH Universal Kitchen Machine.  when my BOSCH Universal Kitchen Machine arrived, i felt i found something i never knew i was missing all my life!  i wish everyone to know this.  if you have the opportunity please share my experience!

i use the blender attachment of the BOSCH Universal Kitchen Machine to make ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting (page 122).   it works like magic, making a frosting perfectly smooth and emulsified that reminded me of mayonnaise!  note that the BOSCH has an 800 watt motor with high rpm, the blender attachment may be as fast as a food processor;  the frosting turned luscious and smooth.

a detail i found amazing, is that this blender won’t turn on unless the cover is in place.  i’ll never live to hear my grandchildren say:  “grandpa used to make a huge mess on the kitchen ceiling when turning the blender on without the cover.”

11 thoughts on “Classic 07 Carrot Cake with Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting (page 122) – wreath take!

  1. As the Xmas carol goes ~~~~Lords a leaping ~~~ In my opinion this cake is worthy of court presentation – So beautiful with the lovely rose, and the frosting looking as if antiqued – what a courtly gift for someone special!

    Actually, I have been waiting all day to see what the Bosch would put forth today. I called them, only to find out that their ss bowl has a plastic bottom! Induction stove says uh oh… Now I am considering getting KA with flat bottom. I guess 6qt. I hope to get one refurbished, inexp. What is yours?

    • Thank you for the wreath compliments.

      I have a 6qt and a 5qt ka. Yes, the bosch can’t have a smooth bottom because the locking mechanism are on the bottom.

      I’ve just run my bosch with 3x loaf of bread, not a hickup. Kitchenaid would fit 2x the most or preferably just 1x for the 5qt.

  2. great. I found inexp refurbished KA 5qt on eBay and ordered it. I can use it with induction for egg yolks, and my Artisan 5qt for other. Then when get the Bosch, maybe in Feb b/day, I can give my Artisan to my daughter or friend.

    Btw – been meaning to say that your ‘guests’ at the table are more courteous and gentile than some have been at my table sometimes lol. They are wonderful. And smart too.!

  3. That cake is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen! I’d love a Bosch, but it’s too rich for my wallet. Instead, I just ordered a Cuisinart SM-70. I’m looking forward to doing a lot more baking, including more breads.

  4. Sadaf says:

    The cream cheese and white chocolate frosting sounds delicious. I was wondering if it’s suitable for piping. Also, could you you please tell me which frostings , apart from buttercream are suitable for piping.

    • S, i am able to use all frostings in the book for piping, because i control the temperature of the frosting and my kitchen (thinner frostings need constant chilling, thicker frosting need warming up).

      if you are looking for a frosting that pipes no matter what, it will not taste good. these are frosting using shortening and confectioner’s sugar.

      from cooler to warmer piping temperatures:

      1- whipped cream 2- cream cheese frostings 3- cream cheese with white chocolate frostings 4- silk meringue buttercream 5- mousseline buttercream 6- ganache

  5. Hi Hector, I tried to make this frosting in my regular blender (Oster) but it had bits of white chocolate in it. I was wondering if I could make it in my Kitchen Aid with the flat beater. I really loved the taste.

    • i would follow the original method in the recipe.

      regardless, if you encounter bits of chocolate is because the chocolate was never fully melted or if so it solidified prior incorporating.

      • Actually I don’t have a food processor, hence I had to resort to a blender. I guess the chocolate was not melted fully.

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