Classic 09 Carrot Cake (page 122) – goodbye 2009

may 2010 bring better results!  this is what happens when you omit the carrots for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Classic Carrot Cake (page 122).

p.s. and i though my last posting for this take would be the last one!

addition:  as most of the world had already welcomed the new year, i sit alone in Hawaii waiting for near 12 more hours!  i have spent part of these hours finding the best place to store my new cake knife that xmas brought:  how about above my large stainless steel cake tray?  doesn’t this resemble a fruit with a steam?

this new year party, i am doing something new:  my canoe club is taking us out to the ocean to watch the city fireworks with a different frame view!  previous pot luck at the dock, i am bringing Basic Sourdough Bread and italian tuna.  here is a picture plus some batteries been charged for the many flashlights i need to bring tonight:

7 thoughts on “Classic 09 Carrot Cake (page 122) – goodbye 2009

  1. Sharon says:

    last time I made carrot cake, I nearly missed the carrots too! Wow, this picture makes me feel good, smile.

    Have a super year ahead with no baking mishaps,Hector!

    In all the postings so far, loved the Jun 13, 2009 posting of your Birthday cake (banana cake with passion fruit mousseline) and the lil wedding cake you made for a friend who got married in Hawaii (both on Roses’ Blog)..looked simple and so elegant.

    • Thx Sharon, Mary’s wedding cake was in 2006 and she and John are such happy married couple! It was amazing this moist chocolate genoise made it thru the commuter flight to Maui, short flights have quick and steep take offs and landings, my worse cake nightmare!

  2. As I sit here reading your blog, there sits cooling beside me my first cake made from Rose’s Heavenly Cakes–a blueberry version of her apple-cinnamon crumb coffee cake. I, too, made a couple of absent-minded errors while assembling it and I am now wondering what the heck it’s going to look like inside once I cut it. So, your carrot cake makes me feel less desolate and more like I’m not alone!

    Love your blog!

    Jane 🙂

    • i was in production mode, making dozens of classic carrot cakes, and the last bag of shredded carrots went bad, so was carrot-less. the wet and dry ingredients were already mixed, oh well, perhaps i could have made pancakes! but how interesting to see what happens, it must has to do with the lack of weight/structure/acidity that the fresh carrots provide, thus an excess of baking powder and baking soda?

      maybe i could have frozen the batter, and later thaw it and add carrots to it? perhaps the beginning of the frozen cake mix industry, which sounds more promising than cake box?

  3. Part of me is howling with glee at the crazy error, part of me is feeling sympathetic for the time and energy spent, but the most part of me is smiling at the fact that you share everything with us, with the kindness and humility of a truly great man. I always feel that in the beauty of your work, and in your communication with us. And thank you for it. Wishing you the Happiest of New Years. j

    • Thx J, I do retouch my photos but so minimally!

      Btw, I have a last minute 15 lb fresh turkey in my 13.5 qt dutch oven, fits perfect, and on my induction! I am using the exact same seasonings as my roasted version, took 15 plus years to write plus 3 generations in my family. What I expect is the same flavor but a fall off the bone texture. Gamed?

      P.s. The best way to preheat an empty dutch oven (and lid) on our little induction stove, is to add some water and let it simmer covered, it is magic. It doesn’t get hot enough for frying but it does speed things up as cast iron is slow to heat (unless touching the induction directly).

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