Barcelona 03 Brownies (page 367) – tortenboden take

happy new year!!!!!  and here my newest take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Barcelona Brownies (page 367).  be sure to click on the video to watch it much larger thru youtube directly and enjoy the many textures of this fabulous brownie.

music  soundtrack:  apple iphoto ‘09 theme music, shatter

the twist: using mac nuts instead of pecans.  i think mac nuts are the most versatile and wonderful nuts of all.  when i am in front of 5 gallon tubs of freshly toasted walnuts, almonds, and mac nuts, you will see me munching on the mac nuts most often.  do make an effort to buy them fresh directly from the farmer, which are incomparable to the canned variety.

the results:

brownies don’t get better than this.  Barcelona Brownies use 3 instances of chocolate:  cocoa, chocolate, and ganache.  Barcelona Brownies have a chewy cream cheese component and a crunchy nut component.

tips for success:

1- for as simple as brownies are, the higher quality ingredients you use, the biggest difference it makes . . . this is true for the quality of chocolates and the freshness of the nuts.

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