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i need to strongly disclose that the purpose of Hector’s Take isn’t to find an array of substitutions to Rose’s recipes.  if you want the best taste and texture, it is best to follow Rose’s recipes EXACTLY.  here is what happens to ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate Tweed Angel Food Cake (page 159) when you are asked to make it sugar free:

i replaced sugar with splenda granulated by volume which gave a normal cake batter volume.  however, in the oven, the cake shrunk a bit.  splenda granulated doesn’t contribute to any volume, it disintegrates into dust when baked.  i am certain, this shrinking is not due to using a tubeless pan because the cake didn’t detach away from the pan sides nor collapsed during cooling.

i only made half recipe to fill my 8 cup silicone tortenboden pan.  it worked like a charm and because this pan is made of silicone, cooling was done in the pan and upright!  the cake texture was great and it tasted good (well…splenda good).  the chocolate on this anged food cake made it a much appealing cake than a plain sugarless one!

i am loving my silicone tortenboden pan so much, it is so versatile, i plan to bake most of the chiffon and angel food cakes with it!  chiffon and angel food cakes require a pan with a center tube for support, but it is my suspicion that when baked not higher than 1 inch tall, any pan will work!

8 thoughts on “Chocolate 01 Tweed Angel Food Cake (page 159) – Splendid Tortenboden Take

  1. Sharon says:

    Was intrigued with the picture of the oven… my regular round oven busted a few days ago after 3 years of good service.

    Am looking out for a bigger oven that will accomodate atleast 2 cake pans in one go…something where I can place a jelly roll pan to do a set of jam rolls, cookies etc.

    would be great if you’d suggest a modal size and the perfect type of electric oven/brand tht’ll fit my needs, Hector. Thanks.

    • I haven’t found an oven that will fit 2 9″ pans side by side without loss of quality! I do it, but I expect the outer sides closer to the oven walls to overcook, just be sure you have at least 2″ away from the oven walls and between pans, 3″ best.

      I much prefer stacking the pans one on a middle top rack and one on the bottom rack. The upper cake will bake faster, just remove it first.

      For half sheets I like to line each rack with quarry tiles and preheat 1 whopping hour. You get very even baking by using the heat from the tiles. You place the half sheets directly on the tiles. Specially good for sponge cakes.

      A little oven thermometer is a must, so you know how off is your oven dial, usually plus or minus 50oF, one of my ovens is minus 10, so when I need to bake at 325, I turn the oven dial to 335.

      Hope this helps, I don’t think oven brand is the answer to be good, instead size, spacing, and how you adjust to make use best.

      I also believe that for me, I will love to have 2 or 3 ovens, one standard 36″ range, and one countertop, etc. It is a lot more efficient than always needing to turn on the same big oven.

      Happy baking!

  2. Sharon says:

    Thank You Hector for the valuable advice and hints…you are so right to say that 2 to 3 ovens work best instead of cranking up a large oven each time that will drink up large amts of electricity, (esp when you want to testbake sometimes)…why din’t I think of that before,smile?

    Just one more doubt, does it enhance or impair the taste/flavor, texture,mouth feel of a cake if it is baked in a gas range?

    Thanks once again.

    • Regarding a gas range affecting taste or texture…. Very good question and rises often. Answer is no. If any issues at all, gas ovens are less even heat, but any major manufacturer now makes pretty descent gas ovens. My 36″ whirlpool/kitchenaid range was gas oven and I baked everything in there from 2006 till 2008!

      Gas ovens nowadays are great, in my opinion. Unfortunatelly people still dream of electric when having gas, has has gotten so bad reputation over the years. If you ask me if I had a choice, I would use a gas oven. There isn’t a gas hoockup in my current kitchen.

  3. Sharon says:

    Hi Hector

    Ws just browsing for some info on the net and came across this just now…

    ”First of all, if you love to bake, and do it on a regular basis…Any pro Chef will tell you that Electric baking usually yields better results, because gas heat is a more damp/humid heat, while electric is very dry.”

    But if you’ve been using the gas oven for all those speciality cakes for so many years and have found nothing wrong with it, that speaks for itself…actually a gas range and an electric oven may work best for me…that way the gas in the house won’t run out too often, as I can do a combination of both. Thanks once again for such a quick response.

    P.S Waiting to see what you will be baking for tomorrow, have you already decided…smile

    • I have a small posting for tomorrow regarding how my turkey pumpkin cake looks fresh off the oven! Happy baking, it is almos midnight here and tomorrow should be a quite interesting first monday.

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