Fruitcake 05 Wreath (page 79) – two month take

2 months old and i am planning for 12 months!  ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Fruitcake Wreath (page 79) is worth the take.  this is what my take looks like today, trust me, pictures can’t describe the taste!

the cake is moist, yet not heavy.  crumbly and a bit chewy.  last month, when the cake was 1 month old, it was wonderful.  today the cake is twice as wonderful.  can it get better?  the best part is how the cake part itself tastes, this is when you wish you don’t have the interruption of fruits and nuts, but these are what bring the flavors to the cake.  i guarantee, EVERYONE will love this cake, just don’t say it is a fruitcake, because true to fact, this recipe is done much better.  i present this cake as a rum cake with nuts and oranges.

back in the cheesecloth, plastic sheet, and aluminum wrappers, for 12 months of takes:

[ orange peel and whole mac nuts from my farmer friends in Hawaii ]

4 thoughts on “Fruitcake 05 Wreath (page 79) – two month take

    • M, yes, as I see needed, I would say every 3? months as indicated on rhc. I notice if I rest the cake tilted, a small pool forms; I like to call this heaven’s drew! Must be a blend of extra rum, condensation, and sugars. I think you add sufficient rum to keep the cheesecloth damp.

      Hey, I’ve been reading the biggest challenge for this cake is the expensive imported candied fruit. I would say it is worth it, specially if you plan to keep this cake for a year and enjoy a slice every now and then. A true treasure chest offering from the host.

      Old fashion wedding cakes in Peru are made of fruit cake and rummed! We also add raisins and usually pecans and no walnuts. This type of cake makes it to the first anniversary. Also pieces are sent over to relatives that missed the wedding. I had some sent to Hawaii! There isn’t frosting, just fondant.

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