Tiramisu 02 (page 267) – more coffee take

you can buy or order tiramisu everywhere, most 5 star restaurants have their version, too.  in my opinion, if you bother to make it at home, use the best ingredients otherwise just buy the take.

to make ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Tiramisu (page 267), it is worth the save enough money for imported ladyfingers from italy, for imported mascarpone from italy, and for well done espresso.

i just wanted to share today, that after 2 months of training, i was able to obtain a well done espresso from my newest espresso machine.  here are the takes.

7 thoughts on “Tiramisu 02 (page 267) – more coffee take

  1. Sharon says:

    It is really tempting to see all these lovely cakes..looking forward to seeing your posting on the banana cake sometime…

    Roses’ book is not vailable in India as yet, (atleast not where I live) just you wait till we get our hands on it Hector, and then you’ll see! smile.

    • S, so far, the tropical wedding cake I made is a delicious banana butter cake. It really had great flavor and texture. Greetings for India, and hoping the book arrives. Have you seen Rose on youtube, the India episode?

  2. Sharon says:

    Can’t find it, will chek again…is it a very old posting?

    Neways, I have her Cake Bible which I treasure immensely, esp the food substance and their subsequent weights on pg 439 and the pan size details with the no. of servings on pg 483.

    And I have Roses’ Lacquer Glaze recipe which I begged my auntie in the US to get for me if she loved me (call it emotional blackmail but I just had to have that recipe and I could’nt wait longer)..and she did, went to a particular Lib after work, wrote it down and mailed it to me…so heheh!

    Yep, the banana cake is always a lovely cake, infused with walnuts and all..mm, its really yum. I

  3. Karin Baumgardner says:

    HI Hector! Having only just discovered RHC recently, and the Heavenly Cake Bakers Blog – and YOUR site – I can hardly restrain myself and sit for hours reading and ogling as much and fast as I can! One thing that you might be interested in – a BRAND Spanking NEW Espresso Machine just hitting the market – designed, produced & marketed by my Son In Law’s Company Fratello – the machine is called “Slayer” – and it is revolutionary in the world of espresso! Have a look at it on http://blog.brownbean.com/2009/10/field-trip-slayer/… perhaps you would like to be the first person to own one in Hawaii?!! BTW- My next huge crazy cake baking endeavour will likely be attempting to create a “Slayer” cake… let me know what you think of the machine.

    • K, welcome! On all takes, i feel coffee is undertaken, we need more literally-coffee cakes. The slayer has a new concept, but I am afraid it won’t fit size wise in my little kitchen. Have them build a home size model for me!

      • Karin Baumgardner says:

        I will get on it right away Hector – I am dreaming of the day they make a One-group version myself (yeah says my S.I.L…. he is too…) it would take 2 years of babysitting my Grandkids for me to earn one of those babies! Til then I must be content with my Saeco – and fabricating a Slayer in Cake!

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