Chocolate 02 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – cake takes

my 8 y.o. niece performed all the mixing of 20 lbs of classic carrot cake.  then she said “i do not like cake.”  after a parents meeting, we plan to bring my niece back with ice cream.  We will make ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142).

to expedite freezing (and to give my niece a mixing break), i am baking the cake part a week ahead, torte, and freeze.  this gorgeous giant ice cream sandwich uses Rose’s new chiffon style chocolate layer cake.  following the directions on the book, the cake baked perfectly, flat gorgeous, on a 10″ round pan encircled with a silicone cake strip (note that my silicone cake strip is sized to fit 9″ round pan, but been silicone, it stretched to fit the 10″ round pan just fine).

the only variant is my Hawaiian take:  i added mac nut oil instead of safflower or canola oils; mac nut oil works magic flavors with chocolate.

here are some process photos i hope you find useful.

i torte the cake with a serrated knife and dental floss:  i learned this from my mother.  i lift and transfer the layers with the bottom of a non-stick tart pan:  i learned this from rose.

i am using a silicone springform pan with ceramic bottom to assemble the sandwich.  note the top layer is wrapped with plastic film, so it will be fairly easy to lift when adding the ice cream.

i can hardly wait for next week when my niece makes the ice cream.

7 thoughts on “Chocolate 02 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – cake takes

  1. ceci says:

    Eyyy cuando nos vas a mostrar una foto de tu fridge con todos los cakes congelados que tienes aún sin terminar!…. solo por curosear 😉

  2. ceci says:

    Eres mi HEROE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me muero por entrar a ese fridge y probar todo todo lo que tienes ahí!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Me encantaría saber porque eres tan ordenado??? Osea, cual es tu motivación para hacer todo esto???? Es que eres increíble!!!!!!
    De verdad queiro ver una foto!!!! Y todo lo que leí suena delicioso!!! Me muero, yummyyyy!!!!!!!

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Hector,
    Can you explain how you use the knife and floss to torte the cake. Do you make an initial cut with the knife then pull the floss through the entire layer? This is a brilliant idea your mother came up with. Thank you.

    • S, you are correct.

      more tips:

      – best to use a dental floss that isn’t minted, but honestly…. i can’t tell the difference.

      – before separating the layers, i place a toothpick on each layer, one toothpick above the other. when you put the layers back together, realign the toothpicks. this will make any unleveled issues less noticeable as the pieces would fit together the way they separated.

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