Designer 07 Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303) – filling by weight

20 grams of batter makes perfect ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Designer Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303).

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2 thoughts on “Designer 07 Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303) – filling by weight

    • J, filling batter on cupcakes is a new trade i want to perfect! i am happy with using the pourfect beaker for thin fluid batter like the designer chocolate baby grands. any other beaker or jar or measuring cup won’t be as easy and mess free.

      doing this on a scale and weighing 20 grams per tiny cupcake seems ridiculously important or unnecessary, but trust me, it really is easier.

      do watch the youtube episode when we first did this, and without a scale, it wasn’t pourfection.

      p.s. in a couple of days i will post how i mixed the batter, with the bosch!

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