Chocolate 05 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – i had to prep ahead

first of all, thanks to all of you for the moral support on my facebook as sadly last night i did announce that my nephew was going to be a no show.

it just all happened that i could not let this beast sit in my freezer any longer, so i went ahead and did the cooking part of the ice cream filling for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142).  i think these pictures will bring my nephew back in a snap!

i used Cake Bible’s recipe for vanilla ice cream, pineapple variation (lesser vanilla bean and lesser vodka, then later adding strawberry puree or other fruit puree instead of pineapple). first, you boil the milk, cream, and vanilla bean:

then, on a separate pot, you temper the yolk/sugar/salt mix by adding the hot milk mixture little by little.  an immersion blender was my weapon of mass destruction for a speedy and smooth yolk mix.  this was a 4 quart batch of ice cream and stirring by hand becomes the olympics:

stirring constantly, bring the mix to 170 to 180 oF.  i begin with my pocket infrared thermometer, and when it is 20 oF near, i switch to my indispensable quick reading digital thermometer.  note how i rest my arm on the pot while holding the thermometer (i am using an induction stove, and things do stay cool where it needs not to be hot).  resting my arm on the pot was friendlier on my bruised rib which bruised while doing some canoe paddle huli drills (huli = hawaiian word for flipping like a rotisserie chicken):

i use a variety of vanilla takes.  in a 2 oz vanilla essence jar, empty, i place the seeds of 30 vanilla beans, then i fill the jar with vanilla essence.  it makes a wonderful thin ‘vanilla seed paste.’  i add 1/8 to 1/4 tsp of this potion for recipes calling for 1 vanilla bean.

the empty vanilla pods, are stored in vanilla essence, too, in a taller jar.  i add 2 split halves for recipes calling for 1 vanilla bean.

my nephew got a cold, but he has nothing to worry about, i am putting some of this ice cream mix aside in the freezer.  or did you think i was going to eat all 4 quarts of ice cream at once?  ice cream mix keeps in the freezer wonderfully.  when ready to churn thaw it in the refrigerator or quick thaw it straight to room temperature till it is about 40 oF.  later tomorrow i will add the strawberry purees, and that is just my first take!

always on the ready, always prepared for no-shows.  no more bruised ribs hopefully so…

7 thoughts on “Chocolate 05 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – i had to prep ahead

  1. Sharon says:

    I have some precious Neilssen massay’s too, was wondering if I could add vanilla beans to them when I find them…does it improve on the flavor more…?

    I am inspired to do the Vanilla Icecream on pg 285 of the Cake Bible with the Pineapple puree which ‘ve already tried once..May i use 2 Tbs of Cointrue or Kahlua instead of Vodka?

    Canoeing, Scuba diving, you are really into adventure sports, are’nt you?

    • S, for the pineapple ice cream you only need 2 tsp of alcohol per 2/3 recipe or 3 tsp for the full recipe. It is my favorite ice cream. I would use kirsh, vodka, navan, or rum. Defenitelly not kahlua.

      The type of scuba and paddling I do is for the plus 40 category -)

  2. Sharon says:

    Thanks, of the 4 alcohols mentioned, Rum could be a lil more easier to access for me…

    its 2:54 p.m India time which means its 11:28 pm in Hawaii….rest your arm, bye, G’nite

    • if anything, use vodka, because it doesn’t impart any flavor. you can also make a quick custom liquor by macerating a few pineapple slices in vodka, then use this liquid as the liquor. you may want to use double the amount, as part of this liquor is actual fruit juice.

  3. Jenn says:

    H, I thought home made ice cream can only be stored for 1 week in the freezer? I see that you have this as the ice crem cake 4 months later. How do you do it? Did you modify the recipe?
    I’m asking because I want to make the ice cream cake for the HCB bake a long this weekend, but don’t think I can finish it off in 1 week :).

    • J, I freeze in vacuum foodsaver and at non self defrosting constant -20oF chest freezer. It is the self defrosting cycle from a regular freezer which forms crystals on home made ice cream.

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