Gateau 04 Breton (page 69) – crostata take

i am delighted with Luca’s crostata take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Gateau Breton (page 69).  the only tart pan Luca has is a silicone tortenboden, i think this pan is so versatile it can be the only pan one needs for all baking.  the pan bakes beautifully, unmolds beautifully, and fills beautifully.  the tortenboden was filled with cordon rose raspberry conserve (cake bible recipe) made with organic red grapes.

you can purchase this pan thru my link

and here are Rose’s comments on the empty take.  Gateau Breton is a delight, either empty or filled.

5 thoughts on “Gateau 04 Breton (page 69) – crostata take

  1. Sharon says:

    The raspberry conserve looks delectable..what are the seeds that are strewn in..? Its a nice pan too.

    Another superb pan was Nordicware Heart Shaped pan in which you made the Lemon poppy seed pound cake. It truly was an elegant pan, would be such a perfect gift to present someone a cake baked in that pan.

    • S, thx! the nordic ware pan for the lemon poppy seed cake is the same as done in the book. it was the first pan i was told to buy, and when i saw the stunning photo in the book (the slice of cake, standing up) i was so glad to have my own. i signed the pan with a sharpie pen saying: for hector, love julia child. i bought this pan with a $50 coupon given to me when i saw the honolulu opening for the julia and julie movie.

      the conserve is made with red grapes, and sliced almonds is what you see on top.

      happy baking /H

  2. Sharon says:

    Duh! should have thougt it was almonds..oh, so you can make it with red grapes or concord grapes too? Shd I boil the grapes longer?’cz you don’t get Raspberries in this side of the world.

    Me watched Julie and Julia too, loved it!

    The Heart shaped pan is just a must have…it is the best cake decorating pan I have seen to date..mine shd come in next month…people would be floored to receive a cake baked in it…

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