Le 02 Succes (page 281) – tisane take

could not resist asking my local coffee and tea experts about tea ganache takes for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Le Succes (page 281).

had the fortune to get in touch with the very own field manager and Tisane specialist at coffeesofhawaii.com and blindly accepted her heart’s first desire:  the lavender blend.  Tisane is an herbal tea made from the cherry husks of coffee beans.  please google this.

if these pictures make you dream of ‘floral Hawaii’ is because it is:

and what great handwriting:

spend the week drinking Tisane tea and develop a flavor profile for a take on the instant-lemon-tea tea-ganache.  tomorrow, a fabulous picture of the fabulous Tisane tea ganache, and later in the week:  the completed and compleated cake take.

2 thoughts on “Le 02 Succes (page 281) – tisane take

  1. Sharon says:

    Will miss all the posts for the next 2 weeks tomorrow on, going away to a place where there’s no net facility or an oven…phew!

    Planning on taking the Cake Bible along to do a few conserves and practise buttercream with a few star tips!

    Will have to wait to see the completed ice-cream cake(seeing the preps thats gone into it, it is going to be one super tasting cake!). Hope your nephew’s back in action.

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