Le 05 Succes (page 281) – kathy’s take

here are kathys’ process photos for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Le Succes (page 281).  i am wearing a brand new shirt for the occasion, but besides that, every picture is reality tv, unrehearsed, as happened.  this is a close as it takes:

2 thoughts on “Le 05 Succes (page 281) – kathy’s take

  1. Julie says:

    Love all your photos, and love the heart-shaped succes. Did you use the same tea ganache for the rose petals? And does this end up being a somewhat sweet dessert with the dacquoise?

    • P, i am so glad of the heart succes! i didn’t have a chance to take one bite of it since i was asked to donate this cake to an ill cousin staying at hospice. but i did finger licked clean my ganache bowl and together with some of the succes trimmings made my dream. le succes is a dessert success: flourless chocolate cake elevated.

      the balance of flavors and sweetness is perfect, the succes wasn’t a hint overly sweet. i haven’t compared the sugar ratio, but it isn’t a traditional meringue disc or dacquoise, indeed the succes is much softer and less voluminous.

      the rose petals were piped with the same ganache the night before. I used an upside down heart tart pan, lined with plastic wrap, then refrigerated till hard and transferred to the finished cake. i didn’t see myself piping ganache rose petals during the day of baking with my students! that is a baking lesson on its own.

      note: the heart success was made with valrhona palmira and without the lemon tea infusion. the round success was made with hawaiian dark chocolate with the lemon tea infusion. if you blind me, i go for the lemon tea ganache! my hawaiian chocolate is the perfect chocolate to take flavoring, being a less processed chocolate, lacking of any added on or artificial flavoring.

      this is a cake that needs to be served in very small portions or by the spoonful, not because it is overly sweet, but because it is near 100% chocolate!

      make it as soon as you can.

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