Le 08 Succes (page 281) – perles success

i used les perles to style ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Le Succes (page 281).  what i have to report as first suspicion, is that chocolate won’t bloom when refrigerated if the changes in temperature are very gradual.  to do so, keep your chocolate inside an insulated cooler bag or styrofoam box for the first 24 hours when you move the chocolate from room temp to the fridge, and viceversa from the fridge to room temp.

this picture are the stored les perles, as dark and as shiny as ever.

6 thoughts on “Le 08 Succes (page 281) – perles success

  1. Phyllis says:

    Wow Hector,
    Thanks for your “pearls” of wisdom! Being able to preserve the freshness AND the beauty of chocolate is huge..

    • P, i love that ‘pearls of wisdom’

      coming from tropical living, i wanted my pantry to last as long and eternally as most pantries last in temperate weather!

      ALL my dark chocolate is now in my ‘warm refrigerator’ 46oF, always well wrapped, and well insulated when bringing the chocolate in an out. ALL my milk and white chocolate is in my ‘warm freezer’ 10oF. Basically, this i s a fridge that i only use as a pantry and it is set to its warmest setting possible. I use a much smaller apartment size fridge for the food i eat (daily opening and closing of the doors).

      In addition, I have some very rare an expensive dark chocolate (which i rarely use it for baking), that stays in my wine chiller set at 62oF. the wine chiller is an excellent thing to have, specially to bring butter to the correct use temperature without having to worry how long to leave it out.

  2. Sharon says:

    So happy I scanned your previous postings, would have missed this hint if I had..Praise God for wisdom, thanks for sharing!

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