German 02 Chocolate Cake (page 137) – tortenboden take

half recipe of ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  German Chocolate Cake (page 137) fills my 8 cup silicone tortenboden pan (12″ diameter).  then, half recipe of Classic German Chocolate Cake Filling did the trick, and i hope you agree.

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i love this filling so much, it takes me back to my childhood.  the taste of condensed milks it is.  i used fresh coconut and mac nuts.  it really is delicious filling.

6 thoughts on “German 02 Chocolate Cake (page 137) – tortenboden take

  1. Nicola says:

    Righto Hector, I will comment!

    An inspiring take on the german chocolate cake. I am doing it next week in the HCB free choice week. I wished I was still in Australia where the macadamias are plentiful and the sun is shining. I will save my pennies, bake it as per the recipe and stay in grey old London.

    BTW loved the photos of the Rose Genoise – the cut cake is spectacular.

    • many thx N. i am certain the german chocolate cake filling will be just as good with the original ingredients. i REALLY absolutely loved this filling, makes me feel like a child enjoying sweet milk.

      most of my takes are done on different pans than the book, but for the Genoise Rose i naturally felt to use the original rose bundt pan. when i was editing and posted Rose’s demo on youtube, she was so happy to show on camera how a slice of this cake looks. i waited months before i could share this since i had the videos many months before the books was out!

  2. Hector,
    Beautiful cake. And interesting piping tips. You said they’re polycarbonate? What makes it different than the regular stainless ones?

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