Rose 04 Red Velvet Cake (page 83) – literally rose velvet

i used the beet juice variation for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Rose Red Velvet Cake (page 83), and the results were pink, literally.  i think i didn’t concentrate the beet juice sufficiently or should have used much more.  if you close your eyes, the taste of this pink cake was just fine and true red velvet cake.  the Dreamy Creamy White Chocolate Frosting turned very very well.

here are the progress photos:  checking correct butter temperature, weighing egg whites, adding beet juice, preparing pans, using beater blade (note, there is a tiny pocket of unmixed flour on the axel of the beater blade which i don’t think is a crime considering you absolutely don’t need to scrape the mixer bowl), filling piping bag, filling cake pan with piping bag, weighing 40 grams per cakelet, then unmolding.  the cake structure is velvety.  for one of my takes, i brushed the cake with red food coloring.

8 thoughts on “Rose 04 Red Velvet Cake (page 83) – literally rose velvet

  1. Julie says:

    The pink is sort of sweet! And doesn’t make me cringe like the intensely red versions. Did you substitute the same quantity of beet juice for food coloring (I think 1 oz, is that right?).

    • that is a VERY good question that i will answer for your, so nobody has to go thru the same trouble i did. yes, same amount, by weight.

      i would say, if you really want it more red, use more, and possibly you won’t get any beet taste neither, as my red velvet cakes didn’t have any beet taste.

      for the heart muffin pans, the pink is of my liking, but for the heart pan…. you will see what i did to it tomorrow i think.

  2. Sharon says:

    I agree with Juile too, that the pink looks more mellow and cute…the Yellow Rose is an original, right? Nice deep hue.

  3. Hector, thanks for testing the beet juice for us :). When I make the red velvet cake I will use beet juice also – since I do not use any artificial anything in my baking. I love the rosette and how beautiful it looks in the picture!

    • S, yes it is, except I used yellow color. This is the recipe on cake bible to make the red roses on La Porcelaine cake. Also, I didn’t brush with oil and corn syrup to porcelaine them.

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