Rose 06 Red Velvet Cake (page 83) – the rose red velvet take

here is my take on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Rose Red Velvet Cake (page 83).  i love the presence of mac nuts on my red velvet:  whole mac nuts to garnish the frosting and mac nut oil instead of safflower oil in the cake.  my heart within a heart.  enjoy:

if you have been reading my red velvet thread, this is a cake done with the beet juice variation.  the cake turned pale pink, thus i brushed it with red food coloring.  the outside is red, and the inside is marble!  i don’t recommend you go thru this trouble, instead, bake the cake with red food coloring as the first option on the recipe.

2 thoughts on “Rose 06 Red Velvet Cake (page 83) – the rose red velvet take

  1. Sharon says:

    Would love to know the diference between the metal tip and the polycarbonate variety..does this give it a more precise definition to what you pipe/decorate ?

    Would love to see a lil piping from each of those tips to see how each one will look..kindly do so when you have the time Hector, thanks.

    • S, will do. Yes, in my opinion the definition is awesome, the way polycarbonate can be molded, the shape of the tip opening actually starts from about 1/4 inch inside the tip unlike metal sheeting where the shape is only how the tip end is cut.

      At the beginning I was dissapointed because if you look at the tip end it is less defined than a metal tip. Polycarbonate is molded rather than stamped, so the tip end has a slight rought finish. But this doesn’t seem to be an issue and so I piped and piped and do love them.

      Been blue rather than clear, they are very easy to see and avoid the tips been dropped and make it thru your food chain!

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