Rose 08 Red Velvet Cake (page 83) – reconfigured

this is my take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Rose Red Velvet Cake (page 83), reconfigured!

with a serrated knife cut the heart shaped cake into 2″ diamond square pieces.  frost each piece with a medium size open star piping tip, drawing a miniature heart.  top each piece with one unsalted/roasted whole mac.  to prevent the pieces to fall out during transportation, place a long strip of plastic around the cake secured with a small piece of scotch tape;  acetate works, or a cut section of a large disposable piping bag as i did.

note that this is the beet juice variation and the resulting color was pale pink (see previous postings).  the bright red was achieve by brushing red food coloring diluted in water or in vodka (vodka is preferred as it will evaporate thus not making the cake excessively soggy).  people loved the fact that the pretty red cake had a marble pink center.  all was eaten.

8 thoughts on “Rose 08 Red Velvet Cake (page 83) – reconfigured

  1. Julie says:

    Hector, love the cake, the patchwork design is nice, and the way it is tied into the cutting pattern is genius. I always appreciate a cake that can be left out for people to serve themselves, with no danger of anyone cutting an awkward slice.

    That’s also a great way to cut a heart shape. I was wondering with my trip choc valentine cake how to cut it, wedges were a little ungainly and large.

    • J, what is your triple choc valentine? Or is it the double choc valentine?

      It has bever ocurred me how awk can cutting a heart shape is. Thanks for pointing this out. It really was fun seeing my guests dissassemble my heart!

      • Julie says:

        Hector, I made a heart-shaped version of the Cake Bible’s Triple Chocolate Cake for Valentine’s Day. It is posted on about the third page of the Feb Bake-Off over on Rose’s forums.

    • Thx M, your comment is much appreciated. Now that I think of this and look at the picture, I have NO idea how I managed to cut the diamond squares so evenly distributed and centered on the heart shape! It just happened on its own. I would pay attention at this picture shall anyone attempts to replicate this cut pattern, including myself!

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