Chocolate 09 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – chocolate snowball hot fudge sauce

the chocolate fudge recipe on ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) has the perfect consistency and flavor!

and i use my precision scale (accuracy to the 0.01 gr) to measure the 10 grams of cocoa as called on the recipe

4 thoughts on “Chocolate 09 Ice Cream Sandwich (page 142) – chocolate snowball hot fudge sauce

  1. Julie says:

    H., lovely presentation of your ice cream cake! Seeing your palm scale makes me want one!

    My scale has issues with cocoa powder, particularly if I try to sift it into the bowl on the scale- no matter how much I add, it won’t register any weight increase, I think because the increments are too small when sifting.

    Looked up your polycarbonate piping tips, and could only find them sold in a kit like yours. My piping needs are minimal, I only use 3 or four tips, so if you ever come across these sold individually, please let me know!

    • J, i absolutely adore the TASTE of the fudge and the gooey consistency, too. my youtube stars loved it, and i think they will think twice before picking up any bottled stuff from the grocery store.

      i have 3 scales, each with different accuracies and with that comes different maximum capacity (laws of physics). my 8000 gr scale with a 1 gr accuracy, my 500 gr scale with a 0.1 gr accuracy, and my 300 gr scale with a 0.01 gr accuracy. and yes, that is what you will experience, when you are trying to weigh minute things on a 1 gr accuracy scale, the numbers don’t move. measuring spoons are the way to go or a 0.01 gr accuracy scale if such numbers are provided on the recipe.

      yes, the polycarbonate tips comes in large sets, the target market are commercial bakeries (the tips run thru the dishwasher fine, never rust, and never loose its shape). you can buy a full set and split with 4 people or even 6, you really don’t need each and every gradual size, even if you are working at a commercial bakery!

  2. Julie says:

    I haven’t tried the RHC fudge yet, but if it’s anything like Rose’s hot fudge from the Pie/Pastry Bible, it is truly inspirational. Best stuff I have ever had on ice cream.

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