Whipped 01 Cream Cake (page 29) – unnecessary complexity

i never expected to complicate the most perfect and easy-to-do ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Whipped 01 Cream Cake (page 29).  these takes are proof that you must follow the recipe as written, at least the first time.

on the first take, i asked my youtube students to attempt this cake on their own.  the results were flat rubbery; the cake collapsed as a rubbery chewy shoe sole.  i spent 1 hour interrogating the type and measurements of each ingredient, nothing out of the ordinary.  i spent another hour interrogating techniques.  then later to find out the pan used was a ceramic fluted tube pan and that it took near twice the amount of time to bake.  for this cake, a ceramic cake pan does not conduct heat fast enough to set the cake prior melting it away thus collapsing while baking.  use a metal pan as written on the recipe.

on my second take, we made this cake as a 3x batch.  folding the flour was near impossible with all this volume with my 7 qt mixer bowl.  as i panicked in despair watching my batter deflate, i resourced to return the bowl to the mixer and let the mixer whip it.  the flour was beautifully incorporated, but there was a loss of 20 percent of volume.  needless to say, this otherwise gorgeous ultra airy melt in the mouth cake, 20 percent compacted, was still delicious.  here is the proof:

and here is the close proof:

if you ask me if i will follow rule #1 of cake baking (“follow the recipe as written, at least the first time around”), the answer is probably no.  i will probably never know what the perfect Whipped Cream Cake is like, but if you do want to know, you know what to do.

6 thoughts on “Whipped 01 Cream Cake (page 29) – unnecessary complexity

  1. polly says:

    Hector your cakes look really pretty and I’m sure they tasted delicious.
    I was wondering about baking pans and oven temperature and I thought you might know. I have a convection oven so I automatically lower the temperature 25 degrees when baking cakes. If I use a dark colored or glass pan do I need to reduce the temperature a second 25 degrees again?



    • polly, glad you liked this cake.

      answering your convection question, i would just go your own experience. see what gives you the best results. every convection oven is designed differently, the minus 25oF recommendation is only a starting consideration.

      also, i never bake cakes in glass pans, so i am afraid i won’t be able to say anything about this, except i believe a glass pan is a very different animal. i use glass to bake pies or little ramekin cakes only.

  2. Phyllis says:

    Hector, You never disappoint! I love it that Rule #1 is lost on you!! I am almost fanatical on this rule. Unlike you many people modify a recipe; then blame the recipe for failures or near misses. I taught my kids to follow the recipe one time before making changes…unless there’s an ingredient that they know is “off” with them. Are the little cakes pictured the little bundt pans with the short center tube in them, creating a little depression in the inverted cake. Your take is so pretty to look at!!!!!

    • P, took me a lot of thought to write this posting, and i am glad the importance of rule #1 is highlighted.

      These are mini pandoro pans, silicone, paderno brand, 12 one cup cakes, about half sheet size.

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