German 03 Chocolate Cake (page 137) – scraps of takes

when i started heating the condensed milk, yolks, and butter to make the filling for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  German Chocolate Cake (page 137), i could not resist sharing this gorgeously delicious experience with my crew!  so, as soon as the mix reached 175oF, i divided the mix in two halves, made the first half for myself and saved the second half for my crew.

my crew ended up making 4 frostings the same day and determined the german chocolate cake filling was their favorite!  i begged my dishwasher assistant to leave the soiled containers alone, as these became my dessert for the next 2 weeks!

enjoy my scraps of hot fudge sauce for ice cream cake, vanilla mousseline, and german chocolate cake filling.  licking clean isn’t only for kids!

4 thoughts on “German 03 Chocolate Cake (page 137) – scraps of takes

  1. Julie says:

    What a hoot, Hector! I’m surprised the kids let you have any of the containers to lick, I can never get at them in my house.

    • i teach my children that licking the bowl, whisks and utensils is a bad habit!!!!!!! i do so after they leave the premises! it really gets out of hand, when you allow it, children will go crazy and it is unfair and hard to stop once started. so best just say to not do it with me from the beginning.

  2. Sharon says:

    Thought the middle container was empty until I looked again….its swiped you need the dishwasher anymore? What was the 4th frosting the kids crew made?

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