Tsunami may hit Hawaii 4 hours

special announcement to all my fellow islanders, there is plenty food in my place, so stop by for supper shall the need arises.  please shower and have breakfast before 11 am!

all coastlines has been evacuated, radio and sirens did a good job alerting everyone.  hotels are built strong and guests are asked to move up to floors higher than 3rd floor.  most events canceled.  stay home everyone.

we won’t know till about 3 hours from now exactly how tall the tsunami will be.  but based on the magnitude of Chile’s earthquake, it can be bad.  but again, waves are known to just calm down last minute.

will keep my computer off, to save battery.  no baking today.

walked and bathed, stock pots filled with water, family phoned and safe.  now chilling and waiting for the zero hour.  yikes.

boats are heading out to the safer deeper seas, airport activity in honolulu remains normal, traffic is another story.

i think we are GOOD, everyone in Hawaii is good.  the water receded but never came back which would be the tsunami.  what a scary thought.  60 minutes past the official ETA, and we are ok.  the worse will be the grocery stores, now everyone will be returning the stuff they bought early today.

boats out in the ocean, looks like a pool of fleas!  an helicopter on my downstairs high school parking lot.  and zero traffic.  time to water my plants with all the water i accumulated on my le creuset stock pots.

just trying to make fun out of this.  it really wasn’t.

here is a link where you can see how much the ocean receded.  so glad, the water didn’t come back strong at all, that would have been a tsunami!  photos taken by my friends at coffessofhawaii.com http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/album.php?aid=160175&id=98614377154&ref=nf

10 thoughts on “Tsunami may hit Hawaii 4 hours

  1. Jeanne says:

    When I heard the news reports of an expected tsunami, my first thought was: Hector, hope you are safe!

    Glad to hear that everything is ok!

  2. Deanna says:

    Yes, quite a day! A very scary situation that turned out well after all. It was good to see our emergency services working together and everything went clock work as far as evacuation, traffic, and etc. The only bad part was the stampede at Costco. They had to shut down the stores because they couldn’t handle the crowd.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Hector you were in my prayers the moment I heard of the Tsunami threat. So glad everything is ok. Very nice post to make it real for all your readers!

    • P, I was really scared. Everyone in hawaii was. We learned that our emergency prepareness system worked, everyone was notified and off the roads (well, I heard that military personnel were picking up people wandering the streets near the ocean!). Schools and business were closed. The highways were closed. Was clockwork.

      As far as I understand this, a tsunami can be predicted, and with such exact degree of time by the hour an minute. So at 11:10 am, we were all silent, waiting for the fallout. HOWEVER, the magnitude of the tsunami CAN NOT be predicted. The shoreline receided a few feet at 11:10 am, it was a horrible sign. But then, the water never came back as a tsunami, the water just went out somewhere. So strange, but so lucky.

      There is more to this, Marie Wolf arrived to Hawaii the next day! So glad, she found the islands as normal!

  4. Julie says:

    Hector, so glad you are all well!! I also thought of you the moment I heard the tsunami warning, I’m so glad it didn’t materialize. You must have been very worried when the water receeded!

    On a lighter note, will you get to meet up with Marie?

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