Whipped 03 Cream Cake (page 29) – my take with die walkure ring of fire

ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Whipped Cream Cake (page 29) shaped like a ring reminds me of the opera die walkure!

die walkure is a powerful opera which i am just beginning to learn, admire, and live!  i had the recent fortune to attend and make an all day event:  good reading, great dinner, warm company, and rare opportunity to wear a suit in hawaii!  i dreamed been the character sentenced to eternal sleep surrounded by the ring of fire:  with all that peace and heat i could bake lots of cakes!

the ring of cake baked beautifully using a 12 cup silicone bundt tube pan.  but before you rush and purchase one of these pans, remark the following:  silicone doesn’t transfer heat fast enough to set butter cakes prior melting or collapsing.  the solution is to fill the pan only 1/4 full, for a cake that rises to 1/2 full.  the cake turned exceptionally moist, tender, but the browning wasn’t uniform.  the top crush turned pale.  the bare cake pan sides block the heat flow on the cake surface.  but who cares when this becomes hidden after the cake is inverted on the serving plate!

please don’t assume that under filling a metal pan will give you the same results.  indeed, no.  bare cake pan sides, metal, reflects excessive heat to your top crust, most likely over browning the crust, shrink the sides, forming a giant center volcano, or all of the above!

make this cake as soon as you can.

8 thoughts on “Whipped 03 Cream Cake (page 29) – my take with die walkure ring of fire

  1. Julie says:

    How interesting, that the silicone works for a yellow cake when less full. Rose uses a silicone bundt pan for the RHC chocolate velvet cake, at least there’s one recipe that they’re good for!

  2. Matthew says:

    Glad to hear that you’re enjoying the Ring. I could hear the magic fire music reading your post–now it will be stuck in my head all day!

  3. H – when I made the little orange chiffon cupcakes for The Bostini in my silicone muffin pan, they came out beautiful, flavorful, and so airy, but sticky while cooling both top and bottom. I froze them wrapped in press and seal,and then in freezer bags. When I removed them later, the stickiness had stuck to the wrapping and, to my surprise, they were fine. My question relates to what you have suggested above Lekue and putting in less batter. I wanted them to be puffy, which they were, resembling buns, in the oven. They fell a little when cooling, but still lovely. Maybe I am misunderstanding this lesson. As you know, when constructed, the Bostini muffin is inverted so that the bottom faces up. That of course doesn’t really matter since the whole thing is covered with chocolate, but I just wanted to know. I have asked this question before, and it was suggested that the stickiness may be attributed to under/over baking. I wonder if it has to do with the silicone vessel? Thanks, j

    • J, i haven’t done chiffon cupcakes on silicone yet, nor the bostini. the designer bb grand does come out very very WELL on silicone muffin pans, HOWEVER lined with the foil cupcake liners with the paper liners left on inside the foil liner.

      i have baked biscuit de savoie on silicone muffin pans, and they turned pale and super sticky. removing them from the pan was near impossible (no liners).

      i can suggest turning convection on if you attempt to bake a sponge-type cake with silicone muffin pans. it is only a suggestion that i am guessing from watching bakeries using silicone muffin pans almost exclusively and with powerful convection fans turned on, these are undefiled because the fans will blow off the tops.

      i would also definitely try baking the little chiffons for the bostini in the silicone muffin pan, AND with cupcake liners (paper only, or better yet: foil liners with the paper liners in it). the paper should prevent stickiness, and the foil should conduct more heat.

      do report back!

  4. Ooh Hector, you are like having our own Haute Cuisine Chef right at our fingertips/eyes…Next we should hear your dulcet tones coming off the letters even without the uTube!, and with Wagner wafting from the background.
    Thank you ever so much for all the muffin liner tips and convection tips…I am headed out to Lucy’s cakes right now for the liners!!! Happy days! Back later j

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