Chocolate-Covered 01 Strawberry Cake (page 91) – strawberry mousseline

i am overly joyous that there is a recipe for strawberry cake made with strawberry preserves rather than fresh fruit.  because unless the day comes that i am growing my own strawberries, i detest any store-bought ones.  do you know strawberries loose more than 50% flavor after the first day of harvest?

my take is on the works and the first stage is tasting the strawberry mousseline from ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cake (page 91), made with the suggested TOP QUALITY strawberry butter.

this turned to my COMPL-EAT satisfaction.  i used the suggested American Spoon Foods strawberry butter.  and it goes well with my apple dinners

One thought on “Chocolate-Covered 01 Strawberry Cake (page 91) – strawberry mousseline

  1. Sharon says:

    Din’t know strawberries lose 50% of their flavor after the first day of harvest..strawberries are not one of our strong points in this part of the world…we have yum bananas, super jackfruit, lovely chickoos, luscious tender coconuts and the like..but not strawberries.

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