German 04 Chocolate Cake (page 137) – fresh coconut vs baker’s angel flakes.

if you don’t have a coconut tree nearby, you better start looking for one.  that is all i can say when i compare the filling for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  German Chocolate Cake (page 137); fresh coconut vs baker’s angel coconut flakes.

i am not saying baker’s angel coconut flakes is bad.  it is heavenly.  i just prefer fresh coconut because it is less sweet and because there is something about the taste of fresh coconut that is lost when killed!  whichever you choose, i have a secret i discovered to turn your german chocolate cake filling even more superb:  make your filling several days ahead of time, freeze it, then thaw it.  this makes the flavors explode!  something happens during cold storage, the milk and the coconut flavors are given time to ripe and blend beautifully.

6 thoughts on “German 04 Chocolate Cake (page 137) – fresh coconut vs baker’s angel flakes.

  1. Sharon says:

    We are in the land of fresh coconuts..and we scrape out the required quantity with a coconut scraper whenever we need them.

    The rest of the coconut still in the shell, we add a lil bit of water and store in the fridge so that the next time we scrape it, the coconut is still fresh and does not get dry sitting in the refrigerator…easier to scrape it out that way too.

    Thanks for the hint on the German Chocolate cake filling..have saved it to heed the advise whenever i make it.

  2. Getting ready to make the coconut cheesecake next week, and stopped by to see what you had to say on it. Great tip! I will definitely make the filling ahead of time and freeze it! Thanks, as always! j

    • Joann, I wouldn’t freeze the coconut cheesecake because texture can be damaged. You normally can’t freeze sourcream as it will separate into solids and liquid when thawed. You can reattach them together (emulsify) if you beat it again in presence of other emulsifiers or binders such as yolks and flour.

      i froze the German chocolate filling because I used fresh coconut. freezing burst cell walls of vegetable products, thus releasing it’s contents and more flavor. If you noticed an increase of flavor in your coconut cheesecake, it won’t be for coconut flavor because you are using canned coconut which indeed is cooked (canned) at high temperatures which also bursts cell walls already, so freezing it after wouldn’t do anything more?

      I would make your cheesecake again and see if any differences. Also, I noticed u r using la cuisine’s coconut arome!!!!!! Darling, can u spare a few drops and mail it to me? It is on back order!

  3. Hector many thanks for the clarification. Thanks to you I now realize why my cheesecake didn’t come out as firmly as it should have. I misunderstood and froze the batter. Per your suggestion I plan to remake it. The flavor is just over the top everyone loved it but the next one should have the desired texture. On a brighter note I finally located the quarry tiles that you suggested. I am excited to be using them for the first time today. I will be making the rose genoise.
    Thanks as always

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