Double 02 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – hawaii take

i was saving this cake for mother’s day, but on the 7th day after valentine’s day my enduring friend axel flew in his cousin from germany and requested a hawaii take.

this is ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Double Chocolate Valentine (page 113) with hawaiian chocolate ganache glaze and holly macs. the macs are brushed with apple jewel glaze (cake bible recipe).

the cake is a hit: tender melt in your mouth texture, a touch grainy and dry, then reached with oozing ganache and a dollop of whipped cream (whipped cream not pictured). truly inspirational to watch guests take 15 minutes or longer and come up with all sort of facial and verbal expressions to describe the cake: “this cake is dry at first bite, just perfectly dry to welcome the inmediate smoothness of the ganache glaze, then the cake absorbs into your tongue like a brush of chocolate, to final with crunchy holly macs and a grand final of home made whipped cream.” this isn’t exaggeration, this is one ultimate single layer chocolate cake, and it is easy to do!

a secret of my success is adding 1 drop of french chocolate arome (from to the ganache glaze. in my experience, this french chocolate arome enhances the natural flavors of chocolate present on your choice of chocolate, rather than adding new flavors.

ingredients were meassured twice, saving 1x recipe for a cake-mix-easy mother’s day. dissolve the cocoa as indicated on the recipe, cool the mix, measure and drop the butter over the cocoa mix. then, mix yolks with 10 percent sugar, add water and vanilla. then, measure all dry ingredients and whisk. also, make the ganache glaze. depending how the choice of chocolate is manufactured, add 1 or 2 extra tbsp of cream to make the glaze thinner if needed for the cake to absorb the glaze within a reasonable amount of time. then, individually vacuum pack each mix and store at -20oF. do you think this will make a great mother’s day?

7 thoughts on “Double 02 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – hawaii take

  1. Sharon says:

    That will make for such a simple and elegant presentation on a chocolate cake, any cake for that matter….would love to do a hands on class with you where we can get to make it as you teach us….wonder when that ever will be….

  2. Sharon says:

    🙂 One more thing….Perfect for Mother’s Day…can almost feel the smoothness and warmth of the cake in the first and second picture..what better way to describe a loving,caring mommy??

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