Double 03 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – unglazed macs

this is the same take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Double Chocolate Valentine (page 113) with hawaiian chocolate ganache glaze and with holly macs, prior glazing the macs with apple jewel glaze.

which take do you prefer? the flavor of the apple jewel glaze is non distracting, the shine is eye catching!

4 thoughts on “Double 03 Chocolate Valentine (page 113) – unglazed macs

  1. Julie says:

    Personally, I think the shine of the glazed macs is pretty, as long as there isn’t too much glaze. But I wouldn’t turn down a piece of this cake, it’s beautiful, too!

    Love the photo of the closeup of the side of the cake, very appealing.

    • thx J, that is exactly what i told myself: who would refuse the whole macs either way!

      fyi, i smoothed the sides of the cake with an offset icing spatula and a little bit of the liquid ganache, to make the cake look more smooth.

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