Miette’s 01 Tomboy (page 145) – vanilla mousseline

i have been reading in no surprise the comments of many master bakers regarding the new method for mousseline buttercream. the mixing method for mousseline buttercream has been changed. why? after giving it a try, my own explanation is that the new method is effortless, foolproof, and the results are identical to the original method.

truly, this is the mousseline method for the 21st century. instant read digital thermometers are accurate and inexpensive nowadays, there is no reason why can’t one accurately bring the italian meringue temperature and the butter temperature to the perfect emulsification temperature: 68 to 70 oF. give it a try, it is also easier to teach and less frightening to see it done.

making the vanilla mousseline for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Miette’s Tomboy (page 145)

update:  here is Rose demonstrating how to use a piping bag

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  1. Sharon says:

    Those tips must be such a joy to work with!!! Loved the overlapping folds..looks so simple and neat..would love to get a close view of both the pipings..wonder who had a go at it after the photo shoot!

    Is the Heavenly Cake Mousseline buttercream’s technique different frm the Cake Bible’s Mousseline buttercream?

    • S, these polycarbonate piping tips have a much sharper shape. Plastic can be molded much more detailed than metal sheeting. Also, they have a large base and fit a piping bag without the need of a coupler. The tips also fit one inside another, so it is a blessing to switch shapes. These polycarbonate tips are not to be confused with the common plastic tips found in cake decorating kits for beginners often sold at grocery or retail stores. My polycarbonate tips are available thru pastry equipment suppliers, you can also befriend a bakery and ask to purchase a few as more than often the set of 24 tips is too many.

      the new method of mousseline differs only by how the butter is mixed. It is on YouTube keywords bakingwirhrose gm dvd mousseline.

      I haven’t have the time to post the video of this miete mousseline piping episode, maybe I will take a break from baking and use the time for video editing !

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  2. Julie says:

    Love the close-up of mousseline texture. Your color is nice and pale, did you whip the butter beforehand?

    The new method must be faster, especially when making multiple batches. With the Cake Bible method, it seems I end up standing around for quite some time adding all the butter for a double batch.

    • J, very good observation. I always beat the butter first with the flat beatter. I think my butter is rather pale color thus the heavenly white mousseline. Most butters contain annato red coloring!

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  3. I use organic valley/horizons organic butter for mousseline and it always have a little hint of yellow in it. Not quite as white as your color.

  4. Wanghwa says:

    Hi Hector, do you mind telling where you got the pastry tips? I’d like to purchase a set and found one on pastrychef.com. They told me it was out of stock and did not know when it would be ordered again. They are not cheap at all 🙁 Thank you. Wanghwa

    • W, matfer and thermohauser makes these polycarbonate tips (not to be confused with polypropylene or plain plastic). The thermohauser ones are light blue which makes them easier to see!

      Both brands are widelly available in Europe. Thermohauser USA will bring them by special order only, you may want to contact them.

      These are COSTLY but are ultimate! These are also extremelly durable.

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  5. Hector, I love your blog! I bought the thermohauser tips per your recommendation and the photos of your work with them. Can you explain how these attach to the pastry bag? It looks like you put the bag inside the tip (I use the disposable — same as in your photo) but the tip falls off so that can’t be right. How do you do it?

    • thx N, you put the tip inside the bag. one thing i love about the thermohauser tips, in regards to changing tips, is that you after using one tip, you can pop a second tip over it without removing the first tip. the first tip inside the bag, serves as the holder for any other tip that goes over it.

      may i ask where you found your thermohauser tips, and are they crystal blue?

      i’ve updated my posted with a link to Rose’s video demo.

  6. Yes, I’m happy to! The company is called SonRidge Bakery Supplies. Here is the link to the crystal blue tips. They are $74.29:


    Also, thanks for explaining how you put one tube on top of the other. When I first read that, I didn’t realize that one was in the bag and one was outside. I can’t wait to use them. I watched the video clip, hoping Rose was going to use the blue tips but she didn’t. For some reason, they looked like they were outside the pastry bag from the photos, but obviously they weren’t, it was just an optical illusion.

  7. Wanghwa says:

    Hi Hector, Thermohauser USA also had Sonridge contact me regarding the blue tips. I placed my order a while ago and still have not received them. They are back ordered. I can’t wait to have mine.

  8. Wanghwa says:

    Hi Hector, I finally got my set last week. When I tried to put the 2nd one over the 1st one (the one in the piping bag), the 2nd one did not really stay put. Do you have any suggestions?

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