Center Pull Paper Towels – a must take

how to stop worrying about running out of kitchen paper towels?  get one of these restaurant or office supply paper rolls that are designed for centerpull dispensers.  these rolls are inexpensive, pack more sheets than any other formats.  gone will be the days of buying paper towels so often.

centerpull paper rolls are fairly soft, ultra absorbent, and reusable.  centerpull rolls are softer than traditional dispenser rolls, otherwise, the sheets won’t pull nicely from the center coil.  most are pre-perforated each 12 inches or so.  a dispenser isn’t necessary:  place the roll on the counter and pull upwards, or place on wire shelving and pull from under; wrap the outside of the roll with plastic wrap to keep things tidy.

7 thoughts on “Center Pull Paper Towels – a must take

  1. Phyllis says:

    Hi Hector,
    You must know that alot of your followers are always trying to figure your “brand” choices in the hopes of imitating your takes. Thx for the heads up! You dispense these towels like I do my KA parchment sheets…I open the plastic cover at one end and dispense each (folded) sheet from the center; no mess single sheet removal…easy!

    • J, figuring out this is one of my happiest and most useful discoveries this year, these towels are so great and rinseable! But I need to somehow fit this setup into my decor….

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  2. Hector you are full of useful tips for a fellow baker. You notice everything. I hate buying paper towels and am getting a baker’s rack for my commercial kitchen and home kitchen, this is perfect!

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