Chocolate-Covered 02 Strawberry Cake (page 91) – strawberry mousseline

my youtube kids made a 13.5 cup batch of mousseline buttercream. part of it was flavored with top quality strawberry butter for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cake (page 91).

the strawberry mousseline turned divine. it is now stored in vacuum at -20oF for the day (or year!) the cake is completed. here is a picture of the youtube taping called 3-frostings: strawberry mousseline buttercream, classic german chocolate cake filling, and chocolate snowball hot fudge sauce. divine!

P.s. The piping on the half star shaped cake with strawberry mousseline is all my YouTube kids doing!

6 thoughts on “Chocolate-Covered 02 Strawberry Cake (page 91) – strawberry mousseline

    • J, they loves all three, and more sp because each tasted incredible better than store bought. The german chocolate filling was the most finger lickable as they did!

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  1. Who ate the lemon one?!! I would go for that strawberry cake…..nice to see youngsters having fun in the kitchen. Wonder what is next on the menu?

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