Burnt 04 Orange Silk Meringue Buttercream (page 125) – hot syrup for meringue

mastering silk meringue or italian meringue buttercreams are worth its weight in gold.  these buttercreams are less sweet than buttercreams made with confectioner’s sugar.  these buttercreams are also smooth and never gritty.

here is a demonstration with my youtube kids, how to heat the sugar syrup and how to add the hot sugar syrup onto the meringue.  this for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  (Pumpkin Cake with) Burnt Orange Silk Meringue Buttercream (page 125).

it is so creamy and silky


7 thoughts on “Burnt 04 Orange Silk Meringue Buttercream (page 125) – hot syrup for meringue

  1. Sharon says:

    Love the silky mouth feel of these buttercreams…have never made them any way else after I learnt how to do these variations.

    Personally, the grittiness on the palate just does’nt seem right though each may have its place.

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      J, I use my induction plate for EVERYTHING. Cook pasta, make rice, coq au pot a 16 lb turkey, melt chocolate, heat eggs for genoise, sear steaks. The only thing I don’t is for my bialette moka pots because the bases are aluminum.

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    • myyellowkitchen says:

      J, now that I think about induction, do notice how the handles of the pot do not heat up, and I just lift the pot without mitts!

  2. CRenee says:

    that was good to see – Hector. Sometimes I add while mixer is moving and sometimes I do in parts as you did. I have found best success with doing in parts. The Mousselline BC is one thing from CB I have been doing for years. I see you made certain whisk reached bottom of bowl.

    I was going to ask what that was heating the pan. An induction plate! Neato.

    • myyellowkitchen says:

      C, as u may well know, the key is to avoid syrup from touching the beaters and bowl which would cool it into candy before it has a chance to incorporate with the whipped whites.

      And, yes, I wouldn’t heat sugar any other way but with induction. It is just easier, faster, and keeps the pot and the house cooler!

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