Rose 10 Red Velvet Cake (page 83) – sweetheart take for tsunami marie

this is my plate for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Rose Red Velvet Cake (page 83), on ceramic heart shaped tart pans.

the little red velvet cakes were made a month ago and stored in frozen vacuum.  pls pay good attention to how i thaw these straight from the freezer.  on a 12-inch cake box lined with anti-slip mats, i place 3 heart tart pans, 1 larger oval baker with a 4th heart tart pan, and in between an additional little cake kept with its plastic wrapper.  each heart tart pan was for one dinner guest, the oval baker plus the additional little cake went to the restaurant staff.  did i put everyone on a diet?  each little cake is not quite 2-inches!

to thaw the cakes, the box was wrapped with 2 layers of plastic wrap and kept in my 46oF fridge overnight.

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