Designer 15 Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303) – silicone muffin pans

you are probably expecting a new take for ROSE’S heavenly CAKES: Designer Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303). this is a picture i missed posting, just want to inform you that i used silicone muffin pans to take this!

line the pans as the recipe indicates, with foil lined cupcake liners, paper liners still on. then spray with baking spray with flour. then wipe off any excess spray to prevent the pans burning or staining.

4 thoughts on “Designer 15 Chocolate Baby Grands (page 303) – silicone muffin pans

  1. H – lol – I made the lemon poppy seed cake in a smaller loaf pan with the lemons in relief on top etc. I had extra batter. Hmm – I quickly got out the muffin pan and after getting three cavities filled, suddenly heard you telling me to put liners in with the paper on so they wouldn’t get sticky like last time. Well they weren’t too bad, just a little too soft; the cake itself was good. Next week I am doing the Bostini again, and you can bet I will remember! Thanks for always being there just when we need you! j

  2. Hector – since this exchange I think I read you saying somewhere to refrigerate the pan with the liners overnight and then spray them, or something to that effect. Am I just making that up? Thanks. j

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