Baby 01 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – a calm backyard

this is what my backyard looks like:

i seldom see my backyard because i am always at my kitchen, facing ocean on a 26th floor!  last week, i took a small baking break and walked around the opposite side of my building.  this small rest is needed because next week i am taking ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Baby Chocolate Oblivions (page 371), 41 of them!

baking 41 baby chocolate oblivions will be an athletic event, but believe me, i am training for it.  here is what i’ve just wrote on my facebook (i am sorry i didn’t take any pictures of the food, so for once, please read aloud and try to imagine this with your eyes closed):

“OMG, one more Sunday off! And nothing to do. Maybe just rest? Yesterday I was up for near 24 hours and hanging out with my canoe paddling buddy!  7:30 am power class at Boca crosstraining sports gym. 9:30 am paddling. Soap and shower at the beach park for my 11:00 am shift at the bakery till 6:30 pm. Change in the car then 7:30 pm attended the play A Chorus Line at the community theatre which was great! Then 10 pm making dinner for 4!!!!  the menu: FIRST course 10:30 pm prosciutto San Danielle platter with garnishes of fresh pears, amadei and palmira chocolates, and Parmesan cheese cubes.  Chianti wine. SECOND course 12:00 midnight brown rice with purple fingerling potatoes and corn and a plate of Italian tuna floating in olive oil. DESSERT 1:00 am coffee and ice cream sandwich!!!! Not a bad a la minute dinner!”

3 thoughts on “Baby 01 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – a calm backyard

  1. Sharon says:

    Saw more pictures of Hawaii on Marie Wolf’s blog, the ocean, the waterfalls of Maui, the lavender farms and the Taro fields…

    Seems like a lovely place to be…that picture spells tranquility.

    All the best for your 41 Baby Chocolate Oblivions.

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