Baby 02 Chocolate Oblivions (page 371) – reynold’s water bath

i like to challenge food historians to agree if cake bible’s chocolate oblivion truffle torte is the very first and original flourless chocolate cake, nowadays the ubiquitous and popular dessert offered in all fancy restaurants, often imitated and often not completely flourless!  cake bible was published in 1988.  the cupcake version arrived on 2009, with ROSE’S heavenly CAKES:  Baby Chocolate Oblivions (page 371).

these exceptionally chocolatey and truly flourless cakes are indeed a type of custard.  the oblivions are baked for only a very short time (about 10 minutes), in a very hot oven (around 425 oF), and with a hot water bath (as most custards).  the main oven of my apartment kitchen is narrow, but it has incredible even heat.  to fit a water bath big enough for 12 cupcakes, i build my bath!  use 2 open-sided baking sheets, stacked:  one inside the water bath, the second holding the outside bottom.  line several layers of full width heavy duty aluminum between the 2 baking sheets, with a 2″ overhang that folds to make the pan sides.  secure the corners with 3M Scotch Tape (which is safe up to 475oF).  fold the top 1/4″ on itself, all around, to make the sides stronger.

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    • It is better to use a roasting pan big and deep enough to hold water and set your baking pan on it. But because I don’t and I don’t plan to bake these many oblivions often, I made my own with several full sheets of heavy duty aluminum foil.

      You need baking sheets about 1 inch wider than your baking pans. cut a full piece of foil about 2.5 inches wider than the baking sheet for all 4 sides, place the baking sheet on the piece of foil, then fold up the extra sides of foil forming like a box. Now, place a second baking sheet under the foil to give it more support. The key is to protect the bottom and the top of the foil so it doesn’t puncture from the baking pan or from sliding in and out of the oven rack.

      It is like making a swimming pool with foil. The sheets of foil need to be seamless otherwise water will sip out.

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    • aca otra explicacion.

      it is like the original cheesecake water bath method from cake bible. you line your spring form with two layers of heavy duty foil with an overhang tall enough so the water doesn’t go in. you do the same, but to hold water in! i found scotch tape (original) to be oven proof up to 450oF.

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